Yankees 2 Tigers 1

I’m not tipping my hat to Tanaka or the Yankees bullpen.  Sanchez and the Tigers pen pitched fine.  The offense has to do something other than bounce into double plays and hit weak fly balls.

Miggy’s last at-bat to lead off the ninth was a microcosm of the Tigers offensive performance this entire series.  He took to fastballs down the middle and swung and some piece of garbage for strike three.  In fact, the Might Miggy was a one man wrecking crew today.  He contributed nothing offensively and couldn’t field McCann’s ground ball cleanly enough to turn two in the eight to keep the game tied.

This team makes me sick.  The only two that didn’t have their heads up their respective asses were Gose and J.D. Martinez.

3 thoughts on “Yankees 2 Tigers 1

  1. Announcers summed it up when they JD was the only batter to actually hit the barrel of the bat.. Why must the Tigers do this every year.. Two yrs ago and last year it was Miggy playing hurt all the time… Now it’s VMart.. He looks totally useless. Indians are going to come in here playing desperate already.. Look out!

  2. Let’s step back a moment and look at the first 10% of 2015. We are a game back to a team that went to the World Series last year… I can live with that. Our starting pitching minus a cy young award winner (who should be back) has been much deeper than I expected ranked 3rd in the AL…I can live with that. Our offense is 2nd in the AL in all categories…I can live with that. We have a closer…period. IMHO we have holes in the pen in the 7th & 8th not a perfect world however they have options in Toledo that they didn’t have last year. We shall see. So could we have had a better series? Yea. Do games in April count as munch as September? Yes Did we win the division last year by one game? Yes they ALL count….however with 90% of the season left….well play ball! I could REALLY see this team go a long ways.My $.02

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