Twins 3 Tigers 2

Mike Pelfrey out pitched Anibal Sanchez.

The Tigers offense could only muster three hits off of Pelfrey & Company.

If there was one bright spot, and I’m reaching, J.D. Martinez recorded his fourth outfield assist of the season tying him for the lead in MLB.

1-1 isn’t bad considering the way they’ve played.

2 thoughts on “Twins 3 Tigers 2

  1. So far the offense can only hit on Sundays.. Vmart scares me, and not just because I have him on my fantasy team. The article I read today about Scherzer complaining about pitchers hitting in the NL made me laugh. Bumgarner basically slammed Maxine.. And after watching Vmart hit this season I wouldn’t mind eliminating the DH.

  2. Pitching. The Twins were better this game. Good pitching beats good…well ya know. We had good pitching for 71/3 and then 75 pitches at the start on the frame became 105 at the end. In an interview BA admitted ” with the current state of the pen and Soria unavailable I thought our best chance to win was to leave him (Soria) in.” This winter I listened to DD give his thoughts on the pen and the word was IF. Nathan closed,Rondon healthy, AA moved forward SOMEONE internal steps up. Well no Nathan no Rondon AA hasn’t moved ahead yet. Someone step up? No JV. Who is gonna step up? To early for me to say. Sparky say’s you don’t know your team until 40 games in we have a ways to go. You win 50 you lose 50 the other 62 that’s it. We have the 4th best offense in all baseball 3rd best in the AL. I’ll take that. We have 5th best pitching without JV. We have a closer period. Until the 7th & 8th get sorted out we will see more of these games than we want. BTW the Royals lead the AL in pitching in all categories and the division 21 games into the season…. for what it’s worth.

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