Tigers 10 Indians 7

I’m not sure how many times I’ll write this in 2015 but the Tigers’ won a battle of bullpens this afternoon in Minnesota.  Everyone they called on, Hardy, Nesbitt, Gorzelanny, Soria got the job done.

Starter Shane Greene was cruising until he wasn’t.  He starting leaking fuel in the third then exploded in the fourth.

The Tigers could have blown this game by running themselves out of a rally in the fifth. I’m not sure sure but isn’t it taboo to make an out at third?  Well, with runners at first and second, one out, and Kinsler at the plate, Andrew “Wheels” Romine decided it was a good idea to steal third.  Like Miggy in game in one, he got nailed, rally over. Fortunately, the bats came alive and beat the Twins’ bullpen into a conniption after falling behind 7-4.

For all of my complaining, the Tigers got another series win.

Of note:

  • Miggy hit two balls into a a conniption.
  • McCann had his first career HR, an inside the parker.
  • Victor was 0-5 and doesn’t look good from either side of the plate.
  • Wheels Romine was 4-4 but 1-3 in steal attempts (WTF).
  • Kinsler flashed some leather in the 8th to turn a nice double play.

Off to KC.  I hope this series doesn’t turn into basebrawl.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 10 Indians 7

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  2. Not to sure I get the steal of third either…however the pen pieced together a win against a team that they should have…a positive step and 22 games in I’ll take the W and look to see what the next series holds.

  3. I would be surprised at no fireworks this weekend. Tigers seem to play to the level of the competition and KC is high level right now. And KC has a lot of anger due to lack of respect. Big test for Yost. Does he pitch to Miggy with VMart sucking balls right now? I wouldn’t.

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