Royals 8 Tigers 1

This was the perfect storm. The Tigers could do nothing with Danny Duffy and the Royals beat Alfredo Simon into a conniption.

There were a few bright spots.  First, Victor had two hits.  Second, The Amazing, Everyday Al pitched a scoreless inning to bring his ERA down to 9.00.

Let’s see if the Lobber can give the pen a break tonight.

2 thoughts on “Royals 8 Tigers 1

  1. My frustration with the Martinezes is boiling over.. They are supposed to be my two power and run producing hitters in my fantasy team lineup, not to mention the same for the Tigers lineup. It’s not happening, especially with JD. He does not appear suited any longer for the 5th spot, as that is a key RBI position in the order. Smart actually hit one ‘almost’ to the warning track. Woohoo!

  2. Crippy I think you hit on something…Amazin Al has a sinus infection that causes pain and affects his vision. I have same thing and when it happens well I can hardly stand let alone pitch IF that’s the problem not the arm or something else that would be ++. The other positive (and they were hard to find) was Nesbitt had two clean decent outings back to back…we shall see. As for Simon well guess I didn’t expect him to be a 30 game winner quite yet. Rondon took a step forward yesterday it appears and we are 1/2 game back on May 1st. Let’s see what it looks like Monday.

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