Royals 4 Tigers 1

Despite giving up four runs and 10 hits in 7.1 innings, I thought Kyle Lobstein pitched very well.  We has the victim of Eric Hosmer beating “the shift” with a bunt and a few seeing eye base hits.  I guess that’s what happens when you put the ball in play.  For a fifth starter, I’m not sure you can ask for more than Lobstein has given the Tigers this season.

The offense is maddening.  I know statistically they are in the top of every category but it is the same song and dance every year, inconstancy. Ten runs one game then nothing for a week.  Even tonight when they didn’t get a hit until the eighth inning, they had base runners courtesy of walks but couldn’t even put the ball in play to plate a run.  This team is striking out at an alarming rate.  The strikeouts combined with the double plays does not bode well for winning close games.  Again, it is the same old story.  Nothing changes.  I think it is time to clean house from Dombrowski all the way down. This formula is has not, is not, and in my humble opinion, will not work.

What is the story with hitting Chris Young?  Miggy is hitting under .200 for his career against him.  Ok, perhaps he’s got Miggy’s number but what about everybody else?  Is he suddenly Greg Maddux?  WTF?

2 thoughts on “Royals 4 Tigers 1

  1. You’re right Chris, this formula doesn’t work.. I complimented the hitters on their very patient approach at the plate in the first week. However, they are polar opposite since. I don’t get it?? Vmart swung at ball 3 and flew out to end the 8th with the bases loaded. Miggy struck out in the 8th prior to Vmart. Earlier in the 4th inning JD swung and missed 3 times with the bases loaded. That’s 9 LOB from our 3-5 hitters. That won’t get it done, especially against tough pitching. KC bullpen was very average tonight, but still the same outcome.

  2. Crippy I believe you have a correct assessment of the Lobster, and now wit JV out until “at least” June…well here is another one of those “IF’S”. The offense….I would not give up just yet. I would really like to see them rise up behind the next two starters. Don’t think the offense is as “bad” as the last 2 games and suspect that KC’s numbers like ours will revert to the mean….40 games is still a ways off…I may feel different Monday…let’s play 162.

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