Tigers 2 Royals 1

The offense is still AWOL.  However, last night, the CY Young Award winner, David Price, showed up and shut down the Royals.  Thanks to Price, the Tigers have a chance to salvage a split in this series.

In my post yesterday, I lamented the inconsistency of the Tigers offense.  Prior to the game, Mario and Rod showed a statistic validating my complaint.  I don’t have the number committed to memory but I believe the graphic showed that the Tigers lead the league both in games scoring two runs or less and games scoring 10 runs or more.  Like I said yesterday, this goes beyond this year, this is a problem with philosophy.  It is a stubborn philosophy that has plagued this team for the last 5-8 years and they refuse to change.

Victor can’t hit right now, left handed, to save his life.  Defenses play “the shift” on him and give him the entire left side of the field but he won’t take his single. I know he can run but with the way the defense is playing him he doesn’t have to.  Same thing with Avila.

I believe someone a lot smarter than me once said “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

Mr. Illitch, I know you are a regular reader, it is time for a different direction.  Start with DD and BA.

4 thoughts on “Tigers 2 Royals 1

  1. Sadly, even if Victor took his single, it would take 3 more just to get him in. Or a HR. Either way he isn’t a good fit for this offense until pitchers have to respect him. No confidence in Sanchez today, but I hope I’m wrong.

  2. You are correct on your stat in 10 run and 2 run games. Inconsistent? Well the offense only controls a portion of the equation. Opponents pitching factors in as well ( case in point Price last night) CONSISTENCY of calls behind the plate (ask you friends in the NHL ’bout that) The offense right this second? KC has the best offense in MLB Detroit is 3rd. Stolen bases? Detroit 4th KC 5th (really) Defense? Detroit is 3rd KC 6th. PITCHING KC is 3rd Detroit won’t crack the top 15 today. So do they need a change in philosophy? Well let’s step back a sec…JL & Prince are gone and IMO the must have 3 run homer offense with them. Replaced by a better defensive team that is faster goes first to third more,steals a base (admittedly they have some work to do ask #24 about his decisions to run) and I believe is deeper in the bottom of the order.. I think the offense is going in the right direction long term. However PITCHING until they settle the 7&8 & JV.. LOOK OUT BELOW!

  3. The biggest difference with this team is the macro stats don’t always fit the micro.. They do a lot of bombing in a few select games, but the well runs dry pretty fast.. The opponents pitching will definitely affect the game-to-game hitting, but if they followed their approach from week #1 they would be doing much better IMHO. Many hitters, such as JD, YC, and NC have gotten away from that. They’ll find it again, but for how long..

  4. Sark…point taken lies dammed lies & stats. And it’s 162 games so we shall see where this offense ends up you must score at least one run. That said from an offensive point of view they have added team speed. It accounted for the first run on Sunday now we will see what pitching and defense dose with it.

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