Tigers 4 White Sox 1

Where would the Tigers be without Kyle Lobstein? He came through, again, yesterday afternoon in Chicago to rescue the Tigers from a three game debacle in Chicago to end their 10 game road trip 5-5.

The Lober has pitched more than adequately for a fifth starter, and quite frankly, has pitched better than the third and fourth starters in the rotation. Twenty-nine games into the season, Kyle Lobstein, just might be the Tigers’ MVP.

Hey, whatdaya know, Brad Ausmus might be thinking twice about wanting to be known as the dumbest manager in baseball. He brought Soria in for a four out save. Perhaps an old dog can learn new tricks.

KC is in town this weekend. I’ll be at Sunday’s night game. I’ll be watching tonight and tomorrow from a comfortable perch in chilly Las Vegas.

One thought on “Tigers 4 White Sox 1

  1. The Lobber may not be the MVP, but he has been their most reliable pitcher so far. Generally you expect 6 innings, 3-4 runs. He has exceeded those expectations the last two starts.. See you at the game Sunday.

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