White Sox 7 Tigers 6

Perhaps Brad Ausmus is trying to unseat Robin Ventura as the dumbest manager in baseball.  I can think of no other reason for leaving Joba in the game to give up the go-ahead run in the 8th. I can’t fault him for the bomb off the bat of Melky Cabrera.  He should have been out of the inning.  I’m not sure how the official scorer gave Eaton a hit on the ball that went through Castellanos’ glove but he bottom line is Chamberlain should have been in the dugout with a three run lead.

Speaking of Castellanos, what happened to late inning defensive replacements? Andrew Romine?

This was another sub par performance from Alfedo Simon.  Like Shane Greene yesterday, he had little control. It looks like the three and four spots in the rotation are going to be problems.

There is more blame to go around.  Although the offense scored six runs they left 12 men on base,  Miggy looks horrible and they ran themselves out of the ninth.

Hmmm, has anybody noticed the runs the Twins are scoring.

On the bright side, the bullpen has looked good lately with the exception of The Amazing, Everyday Al and Joba.  Also, Victor drove in four runs and hit his first homer today.

Lober tomorrow to salvage one.

2 thoughts on “White Sox 7 Tigers 6

  1. Not a good day in Tigertown. In other news… Did anyone notice the 1-0 gem pitched by Ricky and Smyly the other day? Sure would rather have both of them over Simon and Greene…

  2. Well as ugly as this was…Simon did gut his way two innings further than I thought he would so MAYBE something to build on. Ugly? Yes however the pen held a lead into the 8th not pretty however they were in the lead. Joba…well I am afraid he has proved his fastball is not so fast can’t spot it and people sit on the breaking stuff. There would not have been a 3 run dinger if there hadn’t been 2 men on…so couple of things (1) Crippy good point don’t know why that defensive replacement we have seen all season was on the bench (2) Don’t know why Joba was still there after the HR and a tied game…both of those are on BA. It was ugly but it didn’t have to end like that!

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