Brewers 3 Tigers 2

They’re back!  After a brief hiatus, the two-run Tigers, returned to Comerica Park.  The Lobber was fine.  The bullpen was fine.  The bats were an abomination.  There is no excuse for offensive production, or lack there of, of this magnitude.  Victor needs to sit down for a month.  He can’t hit left handed.  He can’t run, although I thought he was safe at first.  I sound like a broken record but you can’t ask a pitching staff to hold other teams to two runs or less every night. Somebody has to step up and get a clutch, two-out, run producing, base hit, like Iggy had a few nights ago.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone, I’m always looking to Miggy, but it doesn’t look like anybody is going to pitch to him even if his numbers aren’t great in night games; not with Victor hitting .216.  J.D. seems to be coming out his funk but he’s not driving in a lot of runs and I’m not exactly sure what Castellanos is doing. The middle of this lineup looks bad.

2 thoughts on “Brewers 3 Tigers 2

  1. I was critical of JL for some things he did as manager, but one thing was almost certain was the team played well at home. This team doesn’t.. This lineup is currently dysfunctional.. Enough with Victor.. Who among us didn’t think he would hit into that DP? If he hit it hard enough at someone it will be a triple play.. JD is going to be a good hitter in this league, but he is a different hitter when men are on base.. Cespedes swings at everything, so he is going to be mostly useless until he changes his approach.. Miggy, for all his great stats has a hard time against hard throwing bullpen guys.. Not to mention they aren’t giving him anything good to hit, unless it’s a mistake..

  2. Unless I really missed something here…when you have a rook pitcher who just let 2 men on with 2 outs in a tie game with a pitch count at 100 when the guy comes to the plate that took a first inning pitch over the wall a manager walks out to the hill says you have done your part takes the kid out goes to the pen. Pen does their job kid has a chance for a W in the home half of the inning. Pen does not do their job kid gets a no decision and keeps his sanity. I think I know what Sparky would have done. If I am the manager and I get beat by the team with the 2nd worst record in the National League and the OWNER & GM are are in my office…well Mike Redmond is available…..did I mention OWNER & GM?

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