Brewers 8 Tigers 1

Forty games into the season and what I see isn’t good.  Today marked the 19th time that the two-run Tigers scored two runs or less. Anibal was a nightmare but lets focus on a bright spot this year, the bull pen.  The pen is number one in overall era and runners stranded.  If you had told me that at the beginning of the season I would have thought that the Tigers would be 8 games up. Don’t look now but the White Sox have won six in a row. It is not impossible that the Tigers will finish behind Kansas City, Minnesota, and Chicago and in front of only Cleveland.  Another bit of good news is that Victor went on the 15 day DL. I know I’m reaching but this team is hard to watch.

4 thoughts on “Brewers 8 Tigers 1

  1. I will be one of those who say ‘I told you so’. Not you Chris, but many others when we traded Fister. I suggested the one who needed to be traded while his value was high was Sanchez.. Coming off the good season of 2013.. We don’t fully know the politics of what went into the Fister deal, but we’ve come out on the short end in so many ways. We’re now stuck with a pitcher who clearly isn’t more than a 5th starter.. The offense sucks at home.. I really enjoyed watching the games against the Cards over the weekend, but this is too much.. Hopefully Greene can right the ship tomorrow.. Really need JV back soon!

    • If I’m not mistaken, you were against signing Sanchez in the first place and he has gotten progressively worse. We need JV back but I’m not exactly sure what we’re getting back. I have a bad feeling he’s all done. I’m afraid the window has closed for this team and what we see is what we will get for the next 3-5 years. A lot of high priced garbage.

  2. OK so we are 40 games in…so where are we? I read a little blurb that said our pen was #1 in ERA & runners stranded. Not bad.Pitching? As of start of the day yesterday we were 5th in the AL and in the top 10 in MLB after the loss of (2) Cy Young winners ( I count JV) and another starter to our rotation. Couple of starts back there were people ready to throw Shane G out the door…pitchers get out of whack with mechanics and get back in just as quick as they get out if they aren’t hurt or close to 40 don’t panic yet. Defense? Lead the AL in all categories and (2nd) in all of baseball..yea Detroit. Team speed? Look at all the different stats you want but use your eyes and tell me if this isn’t the quickest overall team you have seen in the last decade? Hitting? Oh let’s look..2nd in MLB behind a team in our division that went to the WS last year. So 1/4 way into the season we are 2 1/2 games back to a team that went to game 7 last year. Looks like a race to me. And we can talk about trading pitchers years ago…we had some guy that ended up with the Braves turned out to be pretty good. They ain’t commin back…I can give you a list of stuff I wish I had done different. I see more + than – after 40 games with this team I am gonna grab a ticket and a jacket go downtown and watch this play out…122 games left I’ll get my $$ wort and see what it looks like in Sept. and I have an extra ticket if anyone wants to come along for the ride?

    • Nebraska, I agree with everything except the offensive numbers. Lies, damn lies and statistics. I think the 19 games with two runs or less scored is evidence of that. They go on five or six game streaks of scoring 12 total runs then score 12 in one game so the stats get skewed. We’ve been watching he same film for the last five years. That kind of scoring is not going get it done, at least IMHO.

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