Tigers 5 Brewers 2

I was fuming.  Another crappy performance by the two-run Tigers.  They’re asking too much from this pitching staff! From any pitching staff. Then it happened. Finally. From a most unexpected source. Nick “The Quick” Castellanos. A highly touted third baseman who has done virtually nothing in his sophomore season delivered the hit I have been waiting for.  A clutch, two-out, run producing, triple.  Finally, a lead.  A three run cushion.

Soria closes the ninth.

Isn’t this how it is supposed to work?

3 thoughts on “Tigers 5 Brewers 2

  1. I’m wondering why Miggy has such drastically different stats between day & night. And what’s with the woodshop safety glasses he is wearing now? 3 of the 4 with the Astros are day games, so he should hit better if they pitch to him.

  2. Actually he has had those B4 he picked that up from Prince Fielder…you saw them with a yellow tint which is what you wear when you shoot trap to help you pick up the “bird”…now I an told it’s the same type of system with an “improved” optics that won’t show the tint….I saw this on the internet so well you know…

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