Tigers 6 Astros 5

Hmmm, I’m sitting there thinking, in the bottom of the 11th, ‘isn’t it time for Miggy to get a clutch hit’? I guess I always blame him when things go wrong.  But, then for the second straight game, an un-expected hero emerged, this time it was James McCann. He hit a solo shot to end the game in the 11th after the Tigers blew a five run lead.

By the way, where is Alex Avila playing when he gets back?

This is going to sound strange coming from my fingers but this pen is smokin balls.  Especially, Alex Wilson and Blaine Hardy.  The only weak link is Joba and I’m not going to jump on Soria, it is one blown save.

For the record, I like the five and six run Tigers much better than the two-run Tigers.

8 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Astros 5

  1. Actually have to give BA “SOME” credit here. When Price hit the wall he went to the pen and mixed right and left. Someone was channeling Captain Hook. Don’t always work however IMO 100% different handling of the pen since the “Lobster” game. Don’t make te same mistake twice….I will take it. And maybe AA will play in the NL?

  2. Notice how most of the clutch hits, as in walkoff and late inning game-changers have come from the guys making the least amount of cash? They’ll need AA for the second half.. Holiday is of little value.. Then next year he will play elsewhere.. If there are 3 positions I feel like that have some semblance of young major league talent is SS, C, and 3B… Jury is still out on the others.

    • I don’t share your confidence in 3b but agree with SS and C. Nick the quick looks like he doesn’t give a shit. Maybe it’s just his demeanor?

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    • I agree with you on the Tigers not having much infield talent on the left side. Look at the guys they traded away in the off-season and late last year. Joey Pankake is playing well in WM, though, and could be put back at third (still a few yrs away, though). I haven’t seen too much at the catching position, either. I though Grenier would be a good prospect, but he’s really struggling in High-A Lakeland right now.

      • I agree! He does need to hang it up! He has gotten beaten up more than any other player that i can remember !!


  3. I see our friend Jim Joyce ejected @Brewers pitcher Will Smith for having a “substance” on his arm…which may have something/nothing to do with events earlier in the week…for what it’s worth

  4. I love seeing Whitecaps alums like Casty and McCann getting the job done. Unfortunately, I think Avila will have a job as long as daddy is working for the Tigers. For his own health, though, it might not be a bad idea to hang it up and take a front office or minor league coaching gig in the organization. Illitch does take great care of guys, and finds jobs.

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