A’s 4 Tigers 0

You could feel the lack of energy from the very first at bat.  It became a matter of which pitcher was going to break first.  Unfortunately, Shane Greene imploded in the sixth and surrendered four runs.  But it didn’t really matter.  This game was over before it started. It could have gone 20 innings and I doubt the Tigers would have scored even with the A’s defense trying to help them out with three errors.  Nope, every time the A’s made an error the Tigers gave it back with a double play. How many double plays are they going to hit into this year?  It was an odious display of offensive ineptitude. Not only was there not a hard hit ball, I don’t think there was a good at bat, or at least too few to remember. It is games like these that make me wonder if this team is good enough to finish at .500

2 thoughts on “A’s 4 Tigers 0

  1. Once I saw Miggy wasn’t in the lineup I checked out.. Another loss to another bottom-feeder team.. Makes one wonder if the Tigers are the real bottom feeders??

  2. Cabrera,Avila,Verlander,Martinez,Iglesias,Rondon,Lobstein,Nathan(whatever you think of him) ,,,…out….. and Kinsler in a 0-21drought….the team of IF and IF they are all out…what you saw is what we got and until they get healthy we will see it again and again…

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