Astros 10 Tigers 8

Sanchez can’t be allowed to give up the tying home run. I’m not saying things would have worked out any differently because on queue, just as I start to praise them, the pen collapses. But Ausmus has to take some blame for leaving Anibal in too long. I know he looked good in innings two through six but look at his season in total.  Pitching against any team other than the Twins he has been an abomination.  And his home runs allowed have been staggering.  This was was a tough loss to swallow.

I’m willing to bet that this is the worst four game series of Ian Kinsler’s career, all things considered.  At the plate he finished 1-17, including a triple play and a least one couple play. On defense he did make a nice play or two but was also responsible for two unearned runs. But looking at more than this series he still doesn’t have a home run and I’m beginning to think he needs to move down in the lineup.  Someone hitting in the second spot needs to get on base in front of Miggy, to state the obvious.

2 thoughts on “Astros 10 Tigers 8

  1. Shitty homestand! 3-4 against two bottom feeders in Mil and Hou. Yes Hou is in first, but check back in a couple of months. They suck! Sanchez sucks! Lobber with a bum shoulder is better than Sanchez! A good team would have won all 7 of these games..

  2. Crippy…I am with you…no way Sanche should have been there to throw that pitch just like the Lobster deserved a better fate…plenty of blame to go around but BA didn’t earn his check last week IMO…and if you want conformation on that statement go to the “Bless You Boys” blog and check the article “Question BA’s Decisions”.. NY is up 8-0 on KC in the 1st…we can hope but that’s not a strategy

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