Angles 2 Tigers 0

Have I mentioned how much I hate attempted steals of third base?  In the case of Rajai Davis, however, I can’t complain.  Somebody, has to try something. Had he been successful, I couldn’t have complained had he tried to steal home.  There is no sense waiting around for something that rarely comes, clutch, a run producing hit.

Watching Yoenis Cespedes hit in the clutch reminds of the Tigers – A’s playoff series.  He did nothing against the Tigers then and he’s doing nothing for the Tigers now. He swings as hard as he can on every pitch, every at bat, and hopes he connects.  Hope is not a strategy.  Kinsler nothing. Castellanos takes strikes and swings at garbage.  Even though Miggy is not as good as his numbers, nobody is going to pitch to him.  Why would they?  There is nobody else that is even going to have a good at bat.

Five road games, six runs scored.

Sanchez look good for a change. But pitching isn’t the problem is it.

2 thoughts on “Angles 2 Tigers 0

  1. Crippy…you are correct as of late pitching is not the problem. Maybe as tough as it is to watch that’s a good thing. The pen is MUCH better than I had hoped and JV & Rondon get back that should be a ++. Rajai I am with you for all the same reasons…so we have better team speed on both sides of the ball. Better defense to go with it Yes..(and I did see Kinsler the last 2 nights it’s 162 games) So we are 2/12 out 50 games in. Win 50 lose 50 it’s what you do with the other 62. The bats? We saw them hit early. Need a healthy VMart…and others to be sure…they will hit again and if they can make Weaver pitch to his 4.60 ERA …or more? 2/12 out 50 games in with JV, VMart and a cast of to many on the shelf? We’re Ok

  2. 50 games in, they are what they are.. A free-swinging team that gets hits in bunches, but for the most part get nothing. Yes, VMart will be helpful assuming he comes back.. Yes JV will help with pitching depth.. I’ve lowered my expectations big time until things change for the better.. Sadly, Weaver usually owns the Tigers so I don’t see this as a good matchup tonight.

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