Angels 8 Tigers 6

Well a loss is a loss. But the Tigers didn’t quit after Shane Green threw batting practice for an inning a two thirds.  They chipped away and made a game of it  And they did manage a week’s worth of offense, six runs on 13 hits, including Kinsler’s first home run of the year. They still couldn’t get the big hit or the big inning but six runs matched what they produced in the previous five games.

Let’s see if they can salvage one tomorrow.

Alex Wilson was smokin balls out of the pen.

3 thoughts on “Angels 8 Tigers 6

  1. Almost 1/3 of the season in, they are what they are.. Same as the past several years minus the consistent starting pitching.. Free-swingers who get dominated by good pitchers, and occasionally break out, as they did last night.. They may scrape and claw their way into the race, but KC and Minny are going to make it tough this time around…. I’ve lowered my expectations until JV comes back, and if VMart comes back..

  2. Sark you bring out some great points. Until they get healthy “they are what they are”…even after last night I believe they have pitching that can carry this team until they remember how to hit and maybe that started last night…however until the get healthy and fill in some holes “they are what they are”…but I don’t know that the 27 Yanks are out there either I think this is still a race…

  3. Very frustrating series for sure. Scosia has always been able to out manage Leyland, and now Ausmus. Sucks when they just can’t get the offense and pitching both working on the same night. Once the pitching gets healthy, we’ll see where they stand. I don’t think the Twins are for real, though, but KC…

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