A’s 7 Tigers 5

So they’ve lost seven in a row. This ship is sinking and there are not enough available life boats I’m afraid. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity for this team has closed. Now, Tigers fans, we are stuck with watching over priced, over-the-hill, has-beens, or never-weres, flail away, in futility. Strap yourselves in. This is going to be ugly.

4 thoughts on “A’s 7 Tigers 5

  1. So I brought up a question at the bar on Tuesday night… What team would you rather watch – the 2015 underachieving Tigers or the 2004 Tigers with zero expectations? I chose the 2004 team.. The current 40 man roster is lousy, and I fear they will pile on by making another desperation trade to ‘go for it now’…

  2. One back of KC 5 back of the Twins with over 100 games to play…? Really? Rondon & JV on the horizon? I will keep my tickets.On the tour of ballpark’s watched Robbie Ray & Addison Reed pitch in Az.., it COUlD be worse,.,

    • This current version of the Tigers is on par either 2003 version for most games scoring 2 runs or less. That team lost 119 games. The Mighty Miggy has his head up his ass. Kinsler can’t hit .200. All of the sudden the “improved ” defense is throwing the ball around, the manager doesn’t know when to take the starter out, and the pen is coming down to earth . Hmmm.

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