Tigers 7 White Sox 1

I’m not jumping back on the band wagon but it’s nice to score some runs and end the eight game losing streak.  Given this team’s history, I’m not expecting much offense for another couple of weeks, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

The Tigers had 18 hits and everybody got in on the fun, including Kinsler who had two.

Price had an impressive night, pitching a complete game and striking out 11.

It’s only one game and for now the Tigers are a game over .500.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

One thought on “Tigers 7 White Sox 1

  1. I think someone forgot to give Josh Wilson the memo.. You know, the one that states “under no circumstances are you to reach base safely by a batted ball when runners are on any of the 3 bases”… He’s new here, but I’m sure he’ll catch on quickly..

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