Reds 5 Tigers 2

Kyle Ryan was cruising along until he wasn’t.  Still, the only runs he gave up were courtesy of solo home runs.  This seems to be an epidemic among Tigers pitchers this year.  Once they give a long ball they can’t stop.  It’s like eating one potato chip.  It begins to snowball.  Before you know it they’ve given up four bombs and the game is over or you’re 300 pounds but I digress.  It is a very odd phenomena that I wish would stop, along with hitting into double plays.

It didn’t take Reds manager Bryan Price long to realize it probably isn’t a good idea to keep pitching to Jose Miguel Cabrera. I suspect he won’t get much to hit in Cincinnati either.

The Tigers caught a bit of bad break on the line drive hit by Cespedes that hit the Reds pitcher, Michael Lorenzen.  That should have scored a couple instead of only one.

Back to the drawing board.

One thought on “Reds 5 Tigers 2

  1. I believe the best thing that can help put the Tigers over the top will be the ridiculous ASG voting scheme currently unfolding… Should KC get all 8 players in I truly believe this will be their undoing… Personal egos will inflate… They will miss the much needed days off… Just my opinion.. I could care less if any Tigers get voted in, or even hand-picked.. As those of us in this town remember, once B. Inge got voted in, and embarrassed himself in the HR derby, the ASG has lost all meaning.. It’s not an All-star event, but rather a poorly disguised popularity exhibition.. Let KC get all the spots.. Who cares??

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