Reds 8 Tigers 4

When the Tigers couldn’t hold the 4-3 lead in the 8th I knew they were in trouble.  They wasted clutch home runs by JMC and a pinch hit solo shot by Tyler Collins.

Ok, is anybody else worried about the bombs Soria is giving up?

Just when I think this team is about to turn the corner they prove me wrong,

2 thoughts on “Reds 8 Tigers 4

  1. I don’t know Joba was one ball hitting the bag from out of the inning and the fact that the pen got to the 13th says something…..IF…IF…JV gets healthy…IF…Rondon gets healthy…IF…VMart gets healthy….IF…A Squared Money gets healthy…well lots of IF’S and time is starting to get shorter. Today they are 5 games out and as long as it’s not double digits this time next month well we shall see. However if they can’t fix some leaks and hold or gain ground till they get people back by this date in July…well it may be to late

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