Yankees 7 Tigers 2

So what do you get when you can’t hit, you can’t pitch, and you can’t run the bases? A 7-2 beat down. This is three games in a row after winning 6 of 8. JV did what he does in Yankee Stadium, gives up home runs.

Kinlser is a liability on offense. When he does get on base he finds a way to make an out. And it is time for Castellanos to either ride the bench or go down to Toledo. He gives the Tigers nothing offensively and is a liability defensively. If Ausmus has to bring in Romine for a defensive replacement late in games, why exactly is Castellanos playing? He’s not producing with the bat.

I hate them.

2 thoughts on “Yankees 7 Tigers 2

  1. You don’t hate them…kiss & make up and we will see how you feel when they get home. I don’t fault Kinsler lucky bounce right back to the third baseman and they made the play…I would have screamed more if he hadn’t gone…but that’s me

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