White Sox 8 Tigers 7

This game had to end this way.  How could it end any other? When a mistake is so egregious, so odious, karmic law requires that the committer of said infraction is harmed by his own misdeed.  That’s exactly what Brad Ausmus and the Tigers got today.

I’m a believer in liberty and the free flow of information.  However, if there is a “book” that told Brad Ausmus he needed to pinch run for Victor Martinez, in the bottom of the ninth inning, when he was on first base, with two outs, that “book” is the first one in history that I want burned.  Please.  Every copy needs to be collected. Placed into a fire place.  Doused with gasoline and set ablaze.

Brad.  Didn’t you go to Dartmouth?  Isn’t Dartmouth an Ivy League School?  Aren’t we told that Ivy League Schools are elite (eyeleat) institutions?  Don’t you have to be smart to get into those schools?

There was less than a 31% chance that Cespedes was going to hit safely?  Much less than a 31% chance that he was going to hit for extra bases.

Where did you learn your trade?

For as mad as I am at Ausmus, did anyone hear Kinsler’s comments after the game?  The little baby doesn’t like the fans booing the team.  Generally, I’d agree with him, but it comes with the territory. Fans pay a lot of money to watch jackasses like him play.  While I chose not to boo, because I think it is rude, it is classless for babies like him to complain about it.  He should take lessons from Ryan Rayburn.  Rayburn took a lot of crap when he was here and he took it with class.  I’ll always have respect for him.  Kinsler, on the other hand, is on the Joe Nathan list.  Get your head out of your ass jackass, hit better than .257, come up with a clutch hit once in a while, the 10th inning today would have been nice, and maybe you won’t get booed. – Jackass!

This video is for Brad Ausmus and Ian “Diaper Boy” Kinsler.

4 thoughts on “White Sox 8 Tigers 7

  1. The Tigers got out managed by Robin Ventura…..I was the guy that kept reminding everyone how many games were left. I now am waiting to see the trade deadline. That’s IT the trade deadline. We got out managed by Robin Ventura….

  2. This is how managers affect the win/loss column. Obviously there is no guarantee VMart gets a hit to tie or win the game. But the move definitely had unintended consequences written all over it… The other move he didn’t make was removing Chamberlain when the lefty pinch-hitter came up with 2 on and 2 out… He had already thrown enough bad pitches, and the percentages suggest when an idiot throws too many sliders, one or two are bound to get hit… I read today where DD is in his final contract year and there is no buzz about an extension.. Wondering if this is the end… Should be.

  3. I used to be a pretty big supporter of Gardenhire. But Molitor may be knocking the bloom off that rose a little, basically doing more with the same team… I don’t know, maybe Tori Hunter is having more of an impact than we think… However, Gardy would be a HUGE bonus over the current crap.

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