Tigers 5 White Sox 4

The Tigers got their first win of the season when trailing after the 7th and it didn’t look like they were going to get their first Sunday either.  They were doing nothing with Jeff Samardzija until James McCann led off the eighth with a single.

The four run, eighth inning, rally was even more impressive because the Tigers got nothing from Miggy.  Samardzija was able to blow three 95 mile an hour fast balls by him, the last up and away, for the first out of the eighth, with bases loaded.  Luckily, he tried to do the same thing to Victor who took the first pitch and cleared the bases with a double.

It looks like, when the bases are loaded Miggy, is trying to hit a home run instead of just a single or a sac fly and as result he’s striking out.  I believe he is 0-5 now with the bases full this season.  Usually, especially with RISP, he’s fine with taking the pitch the other way between first and second.  I guess it’s hard to complain about a guy hitting .350 but he did leave five runners on base yesterday.

Anyway, big win.  Even thought the White Sox suck, they’ve played the Tigers fairly even this year.  At this point, every win is big.  The Tigers are basically a .500 team so far.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 5 White Sox 4

  1. Yea big win…after watching KC for the last 2 wks I don’t think they are going away. That said a healthy team will make a difference we got a glimpse of a healthy VMart and Rondon we may see tomorrow what a healthy JV looks like sure hope so cause IMHO we will know what we are/aren’t in 3 wks. We shall see. On another note the Tigers picked up a middle infilder today after moving Dixion Machado to third. Think that means the Nick C experiment is coming to an end?

  2. Man we sure live in a world of instant gratification… Nick C is in his 2nd season. Granted he hasn’t improved much, but I don’t think he has regressed much either.. From what I saw of Dixon Machado I wasn’t impressed… Either way, I think they are just showcasing the trade bait for the upcoming annual summer desperation trade.. As for experiments I can see the Robin Ventura one coming to an end soon.. Along with the fire sale on the south side…

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