Pirates 5 Tigers 4

Well 5-4 seems to a popular score.  While I don’t like coming out on the losing end, the four-run Tigers are much better than the two-run Tigers.  I’m impressed that the Tigers have been finding ways to claw their way back from deficits, especially late in games. J.D. came up with another big homer home run last night to even the score, his 20th.

I’m not sure what to make of J.V. Perhaps it’s too early to tell. This could basically be his spring training.  He only allowed two earned in 6 plus but he did allow twelve base runners.  I guess when push comes to shove, the Tigers are 39-37, basically right around a .500 team.  I has hoping for more, but ‘hope is not a strategy’, and this is probably what we are going to get.

One thought on “Pirates 5 Tigers 4

  1. Yes, they are a 500 team and this is what we are going to get until major changes.. The one part of this team you could always count on was the 5-man rotation, which has been all but decimated these past two seasons, especially this past year. The Royals have one of the worst rotations in MLB, so the Tigers could easily catch them with first class starting pitching. Which they currently don’t have. Watch the KC bullpen hit the wall later this year, but they may build enough equity it won’t matter.

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