Pirates 9 Tigers 3

After the 14 inning affair Tuesday night the Tigers needed innings on Wednesday from Alfredo Simon.  They got 5.2. To be fair, it wasn’t all his fault.  The defense made two errors behind him but Simon was up in the strike zone all night and surrendered six earned runs on 15 hits.

Basically, the Pirates beat Simon into a conniption and I don’t have the adjective to describe what they did to Joba. I don’t think “conniption” accurately describes the type of beating they put on him.  Try to remember the beating Freeway Ricky put on Youk in Fenway a few years ago.  Or perhaps think of the whooping Nolan Ryan put on current White Sox’s manager, Robin Ventura, you know, the Dumbest Manager In Baseball.  If you take those two beatings, multiply them by 1000, you may begin to get an idea of what the Pirates did you Joba last night. When Joba left the mound he didn’t know whether to crap his pants or wind his watch.

DD needs to trade David Price soon  He’s not re-singing here.  This team is not making the playoffs. They need to get something for him.  This rotation is a mess.  When you subtract Price, you don’t have much left.  Is it too early to start thinking about next year?  I’m not so sure.

4 thoughts on “Pirates 9 Tigers 3

  1. I heard a rumor the each of the HR derby contestants are lobbying for Joba to pitch to them!! I agree they need to sell Price AND Cespedes. He’s only hitting decent (at times) because it’s a contract year.. Question is, does Ilitch trust DD to make any more moves..

    • Sark, Nebraska and I were at the game last night. The crowd couldn’t even boo Joba because they were too in awe at the majesty of the home runs he was giving up. you are not too far off on the hitters wanting him to pitch the home run derby.

  2. I post this without intent or comment…the UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR of the day at the ballpark…Nick C and Alex A and you pick to rent a pitcher from the Reds named JC

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