Tigers 12 Mariners 5

If my memory serves me correctly, the only two places the Tigers play worse than Seattle are Anaheim and Yankee Stadium, so it was nice to start this road trip off with a win.

Alfredo Simon continues to be a mess. He allowed five runs in five and two thirds  Luckily, the bullpen showed up tonight with good performance from Blaine Hardy, Ian Krol and Bruce Rondon.

Everyone got in on the 12 run, 19 hit parade except Ian Kinsler who was an absolute abomination at the plate. He went 0-5 and hit into two double plays.

Don’t look now but Nick Castellanos has started to hit the last few games.  He had four hits tonight including a home run,

All-Star J.D. Martinez had three hits and raised his average to .290 with another homer and three more hits.  He is basically on Miggy like tear right now.  I hope he continues this pace.  With JMC on the shelf, the Tigers are going to need it.

Victor seems to finding his form again. At the risk of sending this offense into a tailspin with the my fingers and keyboard, this offense is firing on all cylinders, the only problem is the Tigers only have two starting pitchers.  After Price and Sanchez I’m not sure where they turn for the 3-5 starting slots.  I guess if they score 5+ runs a game they might be able to squeak by for a while.

Doesn’t it seem like this is 180 degrees opposite of the first two months of the season?

I’ll the take W any way they can get them.

4 thoughts on “Tigers 12 Mariners 5

  1. The saber metrics folks @BlessYouBoys for the Detroit News put forth an article yesterday on “big Pasta” Simon…”IF”… you believe the saber stats and the article…well Simon is just not a very good pitcher and after last night I wonder….IF that’s correct and IF JV is not capable or returning to top of the rotation form…well win 50 loose 50 it’s what you do with 62 is coming to the point where I don’t see 62 & 0. So while I still have my hands on the towel time is short B4 even I throw it. They win and I am sad.

  2. With or without Miggy, this team has no shot with the current pitching. In the good ole days of 2013 the Tigers could throw out any one of the #1-5 starters and matchup with anyone on the other team. Now we’re no better than Minny or KC starting pitching, which is slightly below mediocre. They will be just good enough to keep it interesting (butts in the seats), but not enough to win anything.

  3. Good game for the Tigs, and happy to see Casty hitting finally. Hopefully this isn’t just a spell, and he can get up to a respectable .275-.285 average. Yeah, the pitcher is rough, so maybe they should be selling at the deadline, but we’ll see what DD does. I know Illitch still wants to win now.

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