Mariners 7 Tigers 6

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that the Tigers have no answer for the 3-5 starting slots and unfortunately Kyle Ryan doesn’t provide one.  The offense staked him to an early three run lead that he promptly squandered.

Ryan couldn’t complete three innings and he departed the Tigers were down 5-3.

All things considered the pen did a good job. They were called on to pitch 7.2 innings, allowing 9 hits, 2 earned runs, 3 walks, and struck out seven.  If that were the starters line the outcome would have probably been different.

Alex Wilson pitched another 2.1 strong innings last night and, ‘where would the Tigers be without him’? How many more times can they call on him and ask him to pitch multiple innings?

I’ve been very critical of Nick “The Quick” Castellanos. Last night, he followed up the first four hit game of this career with a two run shot.  I hope he stays hot and consistent. I really don’t want to see him traded.  I’d like to see some home grown talent on this team.

3 thoughts on “Mariners 7 Tigers 6

  1. I have tried to be as objective as possible and after last night I believe I have seen the season and it looks like an article in the News today that says it’s time to be sellers and all good things come to an end. To many FA’s that if they don’t go now will be worthless the last day of September. I am not an 80 year old billionaire so I have no Idea what goes on in that mind much less what will happen…however you don’t get there by being a bad businessman. It’s been fun and it’s going to be something to watch…..however I suspect that’s what we do watch not participate for a while…

    • I agree and it’s too bad because the offense, without JMC, it putting really scoring some runs. Can you imagine if they were scoring like this, with this type of consistency, with the 2013 staff?


  2. We all see what they see.. Yet I’m sure as I’m sitting here typing this the Tigers will make some splash trade this month because we have all these guys with great numbers on the back of their bubble gum cards and dammit we’re still ‘all in’.. Yippee!!

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