4 thoughts on “Twins 9 Tigers 5

  1. YES! But we could probably say that about 3 other pitchers on this team. This guy doesn’t look like the same pitcher from a month ago. We should hope he is hurt. Otherwise he simply sucks! Another batting practice pitcher.

  2. I went to a dinner this winter and listened to DD say…IF…Nathan…JV…Cabby…Victor…were healthy…IF…Green & Simon progressed…and IF they didn’t they had options in the minors. Simon I have no idea I did however have someone point out to me that his slide really started after the death of his father…for what it’s worth. The if’s didn’t happen and I believe the pitching has been exposed for what it is. I want to make a case for the team to go forward but I am leaning more toward the dynamite theory….

  3. Simon could be effective from the bullpen, which is a complete mess, too. I hate to say it, but it’s time to sell and rebuild. Not much left for them to deal on the farm, though. This season isn’t a complete loss so far, there are some positives, but you win with pitching and defense, and they don’t have the pitching right now, and having Miggy out puts more pressure on them.

    • I completely agree. I can’t see them going anywhere. They are at least two starters short, assuming JV is JV, and an entire bullpen short. I don’t see them making a run this year.


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