Twins 7 Tigers 1

I’m late with this post.  I was under the weather most of last week and the weekend.  The Tigers play didn’t help any either.  They finished the theoretical first half .500 and were fortunate to do so.  The first few months of the season they couldn’t score consistently. Their pitching, including the bullpen, paced them to an impressive early season record.

The bats woke up the first week of June. The starting pitching imploded and the bullpen had a Fukushima like meltdown.  Since May 16th the Tigers have the worst record in the American league.  In June the Tigers bullpen ranked 29th in ERA. In July, so far, some how, they rank only 28th.

What has this taught me?  An old lesson that I guess I need to learn over and over no matter how much baseball I watch. If you can’t pitch you can’t win.  It is a lot more entertaining to watch a team that hits until you wake and realize you team sucks and isn’t going anywhere.

If your team can pitch it can win no matter how crappy the hitting is.  I guess we’ve seen this in practice over the last five to six years.  We had sit through an inconsistent offense that would score 10 runs one game then nothing for a week and they found a way to make it to the post season.  Granted, we are still waiting for a World Series but we are looking at a team right now that is scoring over six runs a game but can’t pitch a lick.  We are seeing a tale of two seasons in one this year.  The first two months of the season the Tigers could pitch and couldn’t hit but were winning.  The last month and a half they are hitting and can’t pitch and are one of the worst teams in baseball.

Here’s another conclusion i’ve come to.  I don’t want to trade Nick “The Quick” Castellanos.  I’ve been critical of him.  However, He’s young. He’s show’s flashes.  He’s homegrown.  They need somebody on this team that’s homegrown. Geez.  Look around this team  Avila and Nick.  That’s it.

Speaking of A Squared Money.  There’s no hope that Avila is going to hit if he stays behind the plate.  I don’t know why they didn’t leave him at first and leave McCann behind the plate.  They’re not getting anything from Kraus offensively.  His .135 is worse than Avila’s .192.  What exactly did they think Kraus was going to give them?  Put Avila back a first. McCann behind the plate.  Wait for Miggy to come back.  Get what you can for Price.  He’s not staying.  The Tigers aren’t going anywhere this year. Start planning for 2016.

FYI:  You need a whole bullpen.

2 thoughts on “Twins 7 Tigers 1

  1. I don’t think much will change with this team’s fortunes until the current owner either passes away, or gives up control.. He is hellbent on keeping his superstars to keep butts in the seats and up he merchandising.. Honestly, the FA’s on the roster are of very little asset value in the trade market, except Cespedes, since he has no compensation pick by contract… At least with Price and Soria we would get an extra first round draft pick.. The most value in trade is VMart and Miggy.. I feel we can get a truckload of major league ready talent for both, and at the same time get younger and more athletic.. Let’s face it, Miggy is going to always be injured until he loses a lot of weight.. And VMart is one sneeze away from another injury.. We haven’t won with them, so why not try the alternative? I could give a crap if Miggy goes into the HOF as a Tiger, especially if he never wins a championship.. In today’s baseball world it is more and more difficult to identify with the players since they move round from team-to-team.. I identify with the Olde English D, and all I care about is the team winning.. Perhaps the owner should do the same..

  2. Sark I think you hit it in the first sentence…and as far as trades beyond the compensation picks I suspect no one REALLY knows the market until the deadline. I can remember sitting in the stands watching Austin Jackson come out of a game…so I think I will just sit back and wait for the smoke to clear and go from there

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