Mariners 3 Tigers 2

It’s just very difficult for this team to win games. The are one game under the .500 mark. They haven’t won three in a row since May. Whatever chemistry they have is not working. They usually don’t get pitching. Yesterday afternoon they got and the offense was embarrassing.

Nothing works in concert.

Speaking of concert. Watching this team play is like listening to my 7th grade band class; notes flying in every direction but rarely flying in harmony, a conglomeration of nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Mariners 3 Tigers 2

  1. The band analogy is the best description I’ve ever read about this team… Couldn’t have said it better.. And worse yet, it’s a band with a tone deaf leader..

    • Thanks Sark! That was the first thing that popped into my head. A bunch of seventh graders all playing instruments with no coordination.


  2. Meanwhile in Minnesota the winning continues and Kansas City does not loose ground…so I have said you win 50 you loose 50 it’s what you do with 62 and I don’t see this 7th grade band class going 62 & 0 …so time to wait for the smoke to clear and see what things look like August 1st

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