Tigers Drop Two Out of Three in Boston

The only pitching staff in the American League worse than the Tigers’ is Boston’s and the Tigers still couldn’t win a series.  Yet, I’m listening to MLB Radio and the hosts are still expecting the Tigers to acquire a pitcher and make a playoff run.  Here’s the problem; on the statistical anomalous occasion when they do get good pitching their offense decides not to score runs. There is an almost perfect discordant balance with this team that is hard to explain if you don’t watch them every game.

Rod Allen was on MLB Radio last week and he was asked if he thought the Tigers had a run in them.  He said he didn’t see it.  I agree.

I’ll be interested in seeing how Castellanos, Iglesias, and Verlander finish the season.

4 thoughts on “Tigers Drop Two Out of Three in Boston

  1. The common sense approach would be to use any valuable assets to improve the team for the longer term. However, this organization is stuck in a ‘win now’ mode due to the age of the owner. Also, they have to consider the financial side of the organization. Trading off assets and giving up on the season will undoubtedly lower ticket sales for the last two months. This team still has one of the highest payrolls in the league and must keep sales up in order to pay the bills. My guess is they add a middle of the rotation type of pitcher and make a run, minus Shane Greene. They’re probably thinking Minny and Houston come back to the pack and it may only require finishing a few games over 500.. Logical thinking, but I still don’t see even that in this team..

    • They still have to win SOME games. They absolutely BLOW. They can’t even win TWO in a row. A few posts a go, I believe the one using the band analogy, I used the phrase “a conglomeration of nonsense”. That’s exactly what this “team”, if you can call it that is. One month they hit and don’t pitch. The next the pitch and don’t hit but never both at the same time. Since their 11-2 start they are playing 11 under .500. I don’t care what management thinks, this team can’t even win, period.

  2. I suspect Sark is spot on. My hope is that the Rays and everyone else who sits ahead of us in the WC sweep or at least win their series and make it impossible not to sell….but I am not an 84 year old billionaire. Moving Green to the pen and replacing him with Buck Farmer does not give me much hope.

  3. As they make another pathetic offense look like the 27 yankees tonight, a thought came to mind.. Using the addition by subtraction theory, I propose to trade Sanchez for a bag of balls and use that money toward a Price long-term contract… I’m not big on signing pitchers to long-term expensive contracts, but Price impresses me way more than Max because he wants the ball.. When JV gets it together they will form a pretty good 1-2 for a couple yrs anyway.. You’re going nowhere with Sanchez..

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