Tigers Lose Another Series..To Rays

The bright side of this series is that JV had is second excellent start in a row. Other than that, there was nothing to like. Look back at the first two games. Even if the Tigers had gotten good pitching, did they hit enough to win?

The first few months they pitched but didn’t hit. The last month they hit but didn’t pitch. The last week, they haven’t done either.

I just received a phone updated that said the Tigers have informed other clubs that they are looking to the future. I hope I so. I can’t see the salvaging much from this season.

2 thoughts on “Tigers Lose Another Series..To Rays

  1. I was calling no-hitter in the 2nd inning.. If not for the errors by the ss we would have lost this 1-0… In fact, if not for the Red Sox catcher not being able to catch a knuckleball, we would have a winless road trip so far… Notice the only two games won were well pitched by the starter.. The hitting is completely gone… Yea, I hear the trade rumors all the time.. Wouldn’t it be fitting for this team to actually try and sell assets, but nobody buys??

  2. Well they raised the white flag and the fire sale is on….hope they are savvy shoppers…Sark you may be right they may have waited to long…this should be something to watch

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