Tigers 2 Royals 1

The bi-polar Tigers, behind new acquisition Matt Boyd, put in a masterful performance tonight and downed the Kansas City Royals 2-1 tonight at Comerica Park.

This game was the complete opposite of last night’s game. They got great starting pitching, executed on offense and flashed leather on defense.

Speaking of Flashin’ Leather, J.D. Martinez doesn’t get enough credit for the way he plays right field.  He made a catch in the ninth inning that looked like it was headed for the gap.  Physically, he doesn’t look like he should be a good fielder but he always seems to make nice, if not incredible, catches.


It’s either J.D. or Alex Wilson for team M.V.P. (Blaine Hardy could be a close third.)

How about Matt Boyd?  He out duels Johnny Cueto in his third career start going seven innings allowing only one run and walking ZERO!  Walking ZERO is the most impressive stat in my humble opinion.

Anthony Gose gets an honorable Flashin Leather mention for his catch in the ninth as well.

Two of the last three games the Tigers have sent rookies to the hill and they’ve delivered gems.  Let’s hope they can continue because I’m not sure what to expect from Sanchez, Simon, and Verlander.

I can’t say BIG win any more so I’ll say NICE win.

What do you think about the new site theme?

3 thoughts on “Tigers 2 Royals 1

  1. I like it too… Nice to see the new pitchers do well in the first outings.. The trick is to keep doing it for 15 years… I see VMart continues to bomb… Notice how he hasn’t done shit since Miggy went down.. Who is protecting who? Also notice who the 3 biggest underperformers are this year? The 3 highest paid of course… Miggy gets a break since he is hurt, but the other two.. forget about it.. I don’t pin any of that on DD… All on Ilitch.. Perhaps he should fire himself as owner…

    • Sark, I never put together Victor’s slump with Miggy’s injury. Everybody always said Victor was protection for Miggy as I write this Victor just hit a 3 run homer. But you’re right, Miggy makes everyone in the lineup better. I just hope you are wrong on his perpetual injury prediction.


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