Red Sox 7 Tigers 2

Daniel Norris’ second start didn’t go as well as his first.  In fact, he needed 40 pitches to get out of the first inning.  His offense didn’t show today either but that’s another story.

I have tried to defend Brad Ausmus and give him the benefit of the doubt but I am at my end with this team’s base running.  This has to be the worst base running team I’ve ever seen an I have seen some abominations.  How many double plays and does this team have to hit into? How many line drives have to not get through, with runners taking off, do we have to sit through for something to change? Can’t they at least try sacrificing? Can’t they at least try to move runners over?

Tempers flared in the dugout.  Jose Iglesias shoved James McCann after they exchanged words over something apparently regarding defense.  I like Iggy but he may need an attitude adjustment.

The Tigers just can’t win three in a row.

2 thoughts on “Red Sox 7 Tigers 2

  1. Yea getting kinda hard to watch now at times. I really thought Iggy had a worse game Thursday. JD “appeared” to pull a Pudge with a runner on first and let a ball drop in front of him and came up to fire to second & start a DP but the SS had his back to the play walking back to his position…..and there were a couple of exchanges with Kinsler that were far from clean. Think I mentioned that yesterday. We shall see. We get to spend the rest of the season watching the pitching staff get OJT. The bright spot for me was watching AA get Papi in the 8th…if they had left AA in in 2013 instead of going to Benoit well we will never know…I now know what it’s like to be a Tribe fan….BTW like the new look!

  2. Fortunately I didn’t watch this game… Unrelated to the Tigers, I noticed a stat today on Todd Frazier since the ASG.. Not so good.. Apparently the HR derby jinx is in full affect on him.. Wondering how the others are doing.

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