Tigers 7 Red Sox 6

Nice come from behind win. Victor has been hitting the ball well for the last three or four games and got rewarded for it tonight.

Simon is still a nightmare and is hard to see him, or in my case hear him, pitch every five games

Let’s see if JV can deliver a series win.

I guess the argument between McCann and Iggy last night was McCann thought Iggy should have dove for a ground ball? I’m in Vegas so I’m getting my info second hand.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 7 Red Sox 6

  1. When they pitched to the big man in the 7th with a base open they lost the lead and my mind…just don’t get it and they did it again today…when they walked the 140 hitter to load the bases…and the got their brains beat in…SAD

  2. Well it was good to see the behind the scenes move they made last night to bring another piece of dead wood back to the team – Tom Gorzelanny.. I don’t get it?? And I also don’t get the continuation of the Ian Krol experiment.. They both got burned by a light hitting LH hitter.. This team will quickly become a laughing-stock if they keep trotting these clowns out there… JV deserved a better fate today… The Kinsler error in the 2nd cost him 17 additional pitches, not to mention the 2 unearned runs… As for the dust-up the other night, I noticed how divided this team really is – Latino and American… Iglesias is a great defensive player, but like most Latinos he does tend to take plays off – just as Miggy takes off at-bats… Worst thing out of the whole matter was the manager’s reaction – as in putting Iglesias in the lineup on Saturday.. He has had several opportunities to send the right message all season based on all the base-running blunders and other mental lapses, but he has failed to take action… This is a team created by it’s owner and this is what he deserves..

    • I missed the second inning today. I didn’t know the two runs were un-earned. Seventeen pitched is basically another inning. The bats didn’t help though. I’m kind of getting sick of Iggy. It looks like he’s too busy show-boating and not worried about making plays and his hitting is sucking too! I’m glad McaCann got in his face! You’re right Ausmus should have sat him.

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