Reds 12 Tigers 5


There is no need to talk about the pitching. We’ve beaten that horse to death.

Although they weren’t charged with an error they make enough mistakes on a game by game basis, that aren’t recorded on the scoresheet, that make it nearly impossible to win.

Why was Castellanos two feet in front of the bag on the double steal with one out in the sixth?

Why did J.D. throw to second instead of home?

Isn’t Gorzelanny’s new arm angle fantastic?

How many more more double plays are the Tigers going to hit into?

Is anybody interested in $12 chicken fingers? They give you fries along with three pieces of chicken.

How about playoff tickets?

I hate them.

3 thoughts on “Reds 12 Tigers 5

  1. I enjoyed the bullpen merry-go-round in the 6th inning.. Welcome to 2005, and trending toward 2003. I would guess tickets won’t be too hard to find in the coming weeks.

  2. What made this game so laughable was how easy it was for the Reds to win a game they were in the process of mailing in.

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