Royals 10 Tigers 3

The four game winning streak came to an end today.  Alfredo Simon was atrocious and the offense couldn’t come up with 11 runs to complete the sweep.

On the bright side, Miggy had another hit and RBI, although he was only 1-4 and did leave four runners on base. Victor had another hit and RBI and was 1-2 with a walk.  Additionally, this was the second straight series win.

Simon is a free agent at the end of the season and I’m wondering if the Tigers are going to make him an offer. He does have 13 wins but his ERA is 5.21 and he is wildly inconsistent.  Perhaps, for the right price, he’d be ok for a fifth starter or long relief, but I don’t think he can be counted on for much more.

The White Sox come to town tomorrow and it looks like the Tigers might miss Chris Sale which I’m not sure is much of a break. Sale has really struggled down the stretch, as he did last season, which probably cost him the 2014 A.L. Cy Young Award.

Is it just me or does it seem like J.D. is struggling?

4 thoughts on “Royals 10 Tigers 3

  1. The future of the Detroit Tigers rests on the shoulders of “Big Al” Avila. There is too much to fix in one year. He needs to be smart and simply improve the team. We have a high draft pick due to our poor record. (Currently number 2.) He needs to make his draft really count to build the future of this team. That being said, do not sacrifice the future for now. One of the worst farm systems in all of baseball, needs to be rebuilt and it begins with being strict about building it. Next, Ausmus must go. I like Gardenhire, but any manager who is experienced and has won, should be considered. Next, how do you replace Cespedes? My guess is “Big Al” will show his connection to Cuban players and find a way to bring Yasiel Puig here. Next, the bullpen. You have nothing. NOTHING!!! No middle. No long. No closer. Too many spots to fix. Be smart. Add pieces without sacrificing the future. Your starters? You have Verlander, and Norris. Verlander is a 2 and Norris is a 5. That’s it. So you need an Ace, a 3, and a 4. Can you trade Victor? He’s done. He is 147 years old with bad knees. Can you unload him and some of that contract and bring in a younger, more promising DH? 3rd base, I am okay with for another year. Nick is young, cheap and has a little power in his bat. Can you extend JD? Again, this all rests on “Big Al” Avila’s shoulders. A lot of works and a lot of changes ahead. I hope…

    • The problem is I’m not sure I have much confidence in BiG Al. I think unloading Victor is a stretch, what idiot would take a 150 year old DH with bad knees? Perhaps the jackass in Boston who signed him? I think Big Al needs to go and bring in a SABRE Metrics guys.

      • I agree with your SABRE Metrics comment. Things really need to change. They really need to build this organization. No shortcuts. Build the farm system with smart picks/trades. Add some younger, affordable talent. Address the bullpen. Simple, patient moves. Hopefully, that is “Big Al’s”vision.

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