Tigers 7 Pirates 4

This was a nice win and a nice four game series win.

The starting pitching was excellent as was the offense.  I’ll call out Jordan Zimmerman and Nick “The Quick” Castellanos. Also, I hope BA listens to Sark and decides not give Castellanos the day off tomorrow.

The bullpen was an abomination,nothing new here. Why can’t the Tigers ever right this ship?  I know it is only eight games in but we’ve been looking at the same pen for about eight years now.  The names have changed but not the results.

I’ll take the win.

One thought on “Tigers 7 Pirates 4

  1. This was a good series win against a very good team. However, one can’t help but think this won’t last as long as this manager is in the dugout. Here is his comments from yesterday regarding the bullpen…

    “Not having Wilson, we were a little short,” Ausmus said. “The only way I was going to use K-Rod was in a save situation. He pitched in back-to-back games. Lowe, I didn’t want to use him for an extended outing, either. By the time he got the final out (in the eighth), he was out of gas.”

    Yet he excluded the part about K-Rod pitching the previous 2 games in situations he wasn’t needed… Who will be available in Houston tonight?

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