Tigers 9 Twins 2

Well the offense seems to have woken up.  The Tigers have won three in a row, four of five and Miggy hit a ball into a conniption.  I don’t think I’ve seen power like that from Miggy in over year.

Oh yeah, you still have to pitch to win and Michael Fulmer did a pretty good job.  He lasted five innings, allowed two earned on seven hits.  He struck out four and only issued one free pass.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 9 Twins 2

  1. I have to give Ausmus credit for the lineup change. This is the first time I can recall where he actually deviated from his rigid script. This change will likely help both hitters, as it is clear to me JD Martinez does not hit as well with men on base, and Upton didn’t seem comfortable in the 2nd spot. I thought Fulmer pitched ok. But I will agree with many scouting reports that suggest he will need a third off-speed type pitch to consistently get hitters out.

  2. I agree Sark, good move by BA. I was beginning to wonder if Upton was going to hit, ever. Let’s hope his 3 hits is a sign of things to come. I wasn’t sure about J.D. in the 2 hole but so far so good!!!

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