Rougned Odor | Conniption Shot

this is a different type of  conniption shot. This one was off of the chin of Jose Bautista.


Rougned connected with a right cross the likes of which you rarely see outside of boxing and MMA. The analysis of the situation on MLB Network, mainly by Eric Burns, is embarrassing.

Burns is clearly a personal friend of Bautista and has tried to make every excuse for his buddy having to eat a solid right cross that buckled his knees.  The punch didn’t put him away, but if Beltre didn’t get in to break it up, it might have been a lot uglier.

Here’s my analysis:

  • Bush hit Bautista on purpose.
  • Bautista went in hard on Odor although I didn’t think the slide was that egregious.
  • Odor may have tried to throw low to give Bautista a haircut as he went into the slide; although I’m not as sure about this as Eric Burns who has done nothing but complain about it for the last half hour.
  • Odor didn’t like Bautista’s slide.
  • Odor was clearly willing and able to fight.  And his definition of fight is not pushing and shoving.  Odor was only too glad to “trade hands”.
  • Odor can definitely handle himself.
  • Bautista wasn’t out but was wobbly.
  • Beltre did Bautista a solid by breaking it up.  He was clearly shaken and Odor looked like he was going in for the knock out, although he never dropped his glove which is a little odd.  In fact, if he had dropped his glove, his follow up left might have put Joey Bats away.
  • Bautista didn’t try to get away from Beltre because he was trying to regain his wits.
  • Someone from the Blue Jays bench came flying in really trying to get at Odor, perhaps Pillar? Whoever it was, it wasn’t for show, he definitely wanted to avenge Bautista.

Apparently, a scout that followed Rougned Odor, wrote in his analysis, “You don’t want to F**K with him.” Perhaps other people in MLB should heed this warning?  Odor definitely looks like he is a wiling combatant.







3 thoughts on “Rougned Odor | Conniption Shot

  1. Sorry I missed this live.. This is the way things should be settled – on the field.. I agree with your analysis.. For the self-righteous ESPN crowd, get over it… Texas doesn’t like Toronto, specifically Bautista.. They sent a slug in to plunk him.. He obliged by drilling him in the ribs..So what? Bautista didn’t like it, so he slid hard into 2nd base… so what? Odor didn’t like it so he drilled Bautista.. Good for him to avoid the typical pushing and shoving that comprises a MLB fight.. This was the best I’ve seen since Ryan/Ventura and Porcello/Yukalis… btw, I cannot stand Eric Burns. He is one of the few on MLB Network I try to turn off – the other being Pedro Martinez because he can’t speak English..

  2. Sark, you are exactly right about Martinez and Burns. I couldn’t stand watching his “analysis” anymore. He was personally trying to redeem Bautista. WTF? He felt bad for his friend because he almost got beaten into a conniption but try some objectivity. He’s a shit bird!!!

  3. Yea Crippy I tink you spot on…he also got a shot in on Donaldson…maybe he missed his calling?

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