Tigers 6 Orioles 5

Could the break the Tigers got on the J.D. Martinez check swing in the 8th be the turning point in the dismal 2016 season?  I’ve seen stranger things happen.

Here are a few observations after the call:

  1. Miggy, followed with the go ahead solo homer.
  2. The bullpen didn’t give the runs back in the bottom of the 8th.
  3. K-Rod pitched a clean 9th.

This might be wishful thinking but I am an eternal “optimist”. 🙂

They’re back home tomorrow against the Twins.


4 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Orioles 5

  1. All this did was buy Ausmus a couple more weeks… although I really don’t know anyone person that can turn this team around at this point. But they may fire him to sell a few more tickets, since that is really all it’s about.

  2. Yea, I’m not sure. I still think he’s gone. Although, BA doesn’t help but most this nightmare is not his fault, except for cooling Nick The Quick off.

  3. Well whatever happens to BA…MLB picked up your train of thought….Great Job…now let’s see if it happens…

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