Yankees 5 Tigers 4

What might have been;

  1. If Upton didn’t get thrown out at the plate in 8th?
  2. If J.D Martinez didn’t hit into a double play in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and nobody out?
  3. If there was a fourth hit in Miggy’s bat?

But those things did happen and the Tigers start out their home-stand with a loss.

Here come the White Sox.

Update 1:03 am 6/3/2016; Ok, I don’t get it.  The Tigers sent Kyle Ryan down to AAA. He pitched 2/3s scoreless last night and has a 3.10 ERA. What am I  missing?


4 thoughts on “Yankees 5 Tigers 4

  1. I actually find it amazing when they do win a game.. They seem to be destined to find a way to lose every time they take the field.. These last 2 games JD hit into 2 double plays with the bases loaded.. Of course the Angels played that double play into an error, but the point is he doesn’t hit in the clutch..

  2. Still don’t understand the Upton signing. Moya could be stuck in his spot, and the Tigers wouldn’t be any worse for wear, and that money could have gone to pitching. And to re-sign JD, they’ll have to fork over more money than Upton, because he’s younger and has better stats.

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