Tigers 5 White Sox 2

The Tigers completed the sweep of the White Sox on Sunday with a 5-2 win at Comerica Park.

This team seems to be Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde and it seems to coincide with whether they are at home or not.  They seem to play well at home and not so well on the road.

What I really liked about this series is that they beat Chris Sale on Tuesday afternoon.  Sale is a perennial Cy Young candidate but they found a way to beat him.

More good news, Zimmerman, Pelfrey and JV all pitched well.

Let’s see what happens with the Blue Jays in town.


2 thoughts on “Tigers 5 White Sox 2

  1. Any win against the ChiSox is a good one. I’m generally not a hater, but, damn, there is just something about those Black Sox. Maybe it’s because they have the most annoying announcer in baseball. Maybe it’s because when Guillen was managing them, he’s just garbage. I actually really like the Cubs, so it’s not the city of Chicago, it’s just those Sox…

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