Raul Mondesi | Firing a Bazooka

Perhaps you’ve forgotten about Raul Mondesi.  I haven’t.  Mondesi is where I got the term “Bazooka” from when referring to great outfield throws.  Mondesi and Dave Parker had the best outfield arms I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching baseball for a long time. Here’s a video of Raul throwing out Mark Portugal at first.

James McCann | Fires a Bazooka

From his knees on Sunday, 8/23/2015, to cut down a base runner.

Listen to Rod Allen say “he needs a license to carry that gun”.

I love Rod.  I wish he they would just leave him as the color guy for all of the games.  Nothing agains Jack Morris, he is my all-time favorite pitcher/Tigers player, but Rod is the best.  He makes this crappy baseball bearable to watch.  I often said he was the best thing about the 2003 season. So if anyone from the Tigers or Fox is reading, leave Rod alone and let him do the games.

And do something about the $12 chicken fingers.