Adam Proteau’s War On Women…

continues.  I’m beginning to have second thoughts about subscribing, and buying gift subscriptions, to the Hockey News, because of Hockey News writer’s Adam Proteau’s seemingly pathological war on women and culture.

In his latest article, Hey NHL – let’s treat women as equals and ice the ice girls, Proteau attacks the NHL, again, for their Ice Girls. ( I thought I admonished him sufficiently here,

Friends, readers, sentient beings, is there anything to complain about in regard to this masterpiece?


I’m not trying to be funny either.  There is nothing wrong with beautiful women and there is nothing wrong with fans appreciating beautiful women. It is the same appreciation a person can have for an artistic masterpiece.

Mr. Proteau’s clinical hatred of beautiful women tells us more about himself then it does about the NHL or the fans that enjoy the Ice Girls. In fact, the Red Wings need to replace their current Ice Crew with Ice Girls, it is embarrassing watching them skate around 20 times a game.

There was a commenter to Mr. Proteau’s wasteland of meaningless noise that I believe summed it up best:

From Jack:

This is a stupid article written by a stupid person. I wish the Red Wings would get some Hot Ice Girls instead of the queers they have “sweeping” the ice.

There is no end to depths of hell the PC crowd want to devolve western humanity into. GOD forbid men appreciate beautiful women. How lewd.

Well said Jack.