I’m So Excited…

I feel like I did when I was a little kid and my Dad came home with Tigers or Red Wings tickets. Tonight, the baseball playoffs begin and Thursday the NHL season starts.

I believe I was telling Sark last night at the bar, how despite my propensity to squander money, notwithstanding the $12 Comerica Park, chicken fingers, horrification I was going to start an austerity program.  Hmmm, I’m afraid that will have to wait.

You see, I had my fantasy hockey draft last night. I was able to get Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel and Dylan Larkin.  I woke up this morning so excited that I got on NHL dot com just to peruse the new merchandise. I didn’t plan on purchasing anything, you understand.  Then I ran across this.

Connor McDavid | Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey
Connor McDavid | Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey

What was I to do?

This was unfair trade practices on the part of the NHL and the Edmonton Oilers.  Orange in my favorite color. Royal blue/purple are a close second. I’ve been awaiting the arrival of McDavid for over a year. McDavid was my first draft pick on my fantasy team.  I have tickets to the Wings – Oilers game.  Couple the aforementioned with my excitement, and well, austerity will be there tomorrow.

Instant Legends Update…

Even though the Tigers will not end their World Series drought in 2015, I’m very excited for MLB playoffs and the start of the 2015-2016 NHL season.

Most of my excitement for the upcoming hockey season revolves around two rookies, that are not Red Wings, Connor McDavid (Edmonton) and Jack Eichel (Buffalo). McDavid and Eichel were the first two picks in the 2015 NHL draft, both of whom I saw play at the World Junior Tournament in Montreal after last Christmas.

Below is the cover of the Hockey News, August issue, with the heading Instant Legends.

FYI: I’m a new THN subscriber

Connor McDavid & Jack Eichel
Connor McDavid & Jack Eichel

Last night the NHL pre-season kicked-off. McDavid had two assists against Calgary and was the game’s first star.  Eichel, had a short handed goal, which proved to be the game winner, against the Wild and was also name the game’s first star. I know it’s pre-season, but I’m excited, did you see the Tigers’ doubleheader yesterday?

Here’s a link to Eichel’s “shorty”.


Don’t Forget About Jack Eichel…

who was the second pick in the 2015 NHL draft behind Connor McDavid.  I saw Eichel play at the World Junior tournament last year in Montreal and he looked like a fabulous playmaker.  I know Sabres fans were disappointed when they lost the McDavid lottery but I think they are going to be very happy with Jack Eichel.

From the The Hockey News:

At the Sabres’ prospect tournament finale Monday night, Buffalo’s prospect squad took on Boston’s prospects in a contest to determine who the winner of the three-team tournament would be. The Sabres were down 2-0 after the first frame, but cut the lead to 2-1 in the second frame. That’s when Eichel made two special plays worthy of the hype that comes along with being the second-overall selection at the 2015 draft.

In the third, with Buffalo down 2-1, Eichel received a pass on the left wing and walked in to the Bruins’ left-wing faceoff circle before delivering a picture perfect cross-ice saucer pass that landed right on the tape of Brycen Martin. Martin made no mistake, firing home the game-tying goal.