Honor Babcock?

I share this story reluctantly.  I’m not a fan of Keith Gave’s but I agree with his suggestion.  Apparently, the Red Wings are, or were, considering some type of honor ceremony for Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock. Babcock and his Leafs open the 2015-16 NHL season at Joe Louis Arena on October 9th?

Gave says, “Don’t”, and I agree. Enough is enough.  Babcock coached the Red Wings and got paid handsomely to do it.  The Red Wings wanted to keep him. He wanted to move on.  I was offended by the dog and pony show that went on last season.  It was clear to me that when the sides hadn’t reached an agreement by the beginning of the season, Babcock was moving on.

Last time I counted, Babcock won, one, Stanley Cup in his 10 seasons with the Red Wings. That hardly justifies an honor ceremony for a guy who left town and joined arguably, the most hated rival.

I say, good riddance. Let’s honor new head coach Jeff Blashill, by welcoming in a new and hopefully more successful era with a guy that wants to be here.