Just About Unwatchable…

that’s what the 2013 Tigers have become.  This team BLOWS!

Rick Porcello started, went 6, and gave up 3 earned.

After Miggy tied the score at 1 in the top of the 4th the Rays came right back with 2 in the bottom to take the lead for good.  I hate to blame coaching, especially at the major league level, but I’m wondering what in the sam hell Jeff Jones says when he visits a pitcher at the mound.  Does he offer any useable advice?  It sure doesn’t seem like it.

After 3 straight singles loaded the bases with one out in the bottom of the 4th, out comes Jones for a confab with Porcello.  It was obvious, Ricky was trying to induce a ground ball for a double play to end the inning.  Ricky was pounding the bottom of the zone but Lobaton and Escobar weren’t biting and Ricky wasn’t getting the strikes called.  It seems obvious to me, who knows nothing, that Ricky needed to change the eye level or move the hitters off of the plate, but no, he just kept throwing the same pitch in the same location.  When Lobaton finally got one that caught the strike zone he singled in a run.  Escobar drove in the second run by walking and seemed to have no intention, whatsoever, of swinging the bat.  During Jones’ visit what was he saying, “we need to get a ground ball here Ricky”.  Did he have anything productive to say?  I guess perhaps he did but Ricky wasn’t listening.  Luckily, Porcello got Matt Joyce to line into an inning ending double play.

Next it was the offenses turn stink up the place.  They loaded the bases with nobody out in the top of the 7th and couldn’t score a single run.  Apparently, the Tigers are now the worst hitting team in baseball, in terms of runs scored and batting average, from the 7th inning on.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that follows them regularly.  Even Cabrera and Fielder don’t look like they have good at bats late in games, and if they don’t do it, rest assured, nobody else will.

The 2013 Tigers suck.  They are now either tied, or percentage points behind, the surging Indians who just finished a 4 game sweep of the White Sox.

Honestly, it is getting to the point where I can’t watch this team anymore.  The same shit for the last year and a half.

To really rub salt in the wound, The Crooked Hat came out and got the save surrendering only 1 hit in the 9th, a double to Omar Infante.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Just About Unwatchable…

  1. Just about unwatchable? You started this YOU have 80 games to go so suck it up! Other than that load the bases with no one out turn the lineup over and get nothing? The title says it all….this time I got nothing…I am going to drink whiskey and get ready for an early game tomorrow. Peace out!

  2. The last two games TCH has to be laughing at the Tigers.
    WOW! The Tigers really got them back by hitting Zobrist. Look how well that turned out.

  3. I agree they have become as unwatchable as ever. The 2003 team was more interesting simply because they were terrible, but we knew that going in. This team is supposed to be the best since 27 Yankees, or so we’ve been sold. There are so many holes in this team its hard to figure which to fill first. They simply can’t perform in the clutch. I would love to see a statistic that evaluates how many runners reach first base and then touch home plate. Can’t be a very good ratio on this team.

    I can see them out of first place at the all-star break, though that will be the case much sooner on this road trip. Hate to say it but they’re going to need a change of manager to put a spark into this team. Things are getting too stale and the players are becoming a reflection of the manager. You know – ‘it’s a long season and the talent will win out’. Dangerous attitude to have when there are hungry teams in the chase.

    • Sark, the Tigers are now 1 percentage point ahead of the Indians for first place. And don’t look now but KC is only 4.5 back and the Twins are only 6 back. The Tigers might beat your prediction by a few weeks.

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