Why Victor Must Go…

or at the very least, moved way down in the order.

Victor Martinez’s struggles this year are well documented.  After missing the entire 2012 season I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I was will to give him 40 to 50 games to get back in a groove.  Well, 80 games into the 2013 campaign, he is showing no signs of getting into a productive groove.

He’s hitting .232 with 6 homers and 40 RBIs.  Actually, the 40 RBIs aren’t bad, that puts him 3rd on the team behind Fielder and Cabrera, and on pace for 80 this season.  But his lack of power and speed make him a severe liability.

Consider this scenario:

Victor, comes to bat with the bases empty and gets to first on a walk or a single.  Obviously, he’s no threat to steal and only a horrible wild pitch or passed ball is getting him to second so let’s leave him on first for now and using today’s lineup Dirks steps to the plate and hits a single.

Victor is not going first to third so the Dirks single puts Victor on second.

Up steps Peralta who delivers another single.  Assuming Victor is not running on the pitch, he’s probably not scoring, so now he’s at third.  The Tigers are basically playing station to station baseball with him and as a result, another hit is going to be required to score Martinez.  Add it all up and including Victor’s single, four hits are going to be required to score him. (Also, how many times have the Tigers had four hits in one inning this season?  I haven’t researched it, but I’m sure it isn’t many.)

Granted this scenario is assuming all singles, with no extra base hits from any of the participants, but this is the deck the Tigers are playing with and unless Victor starts showing signs of extra base power, I just don’t see how Lelyand can leave him in the 5 slot.  At the current pace, I’m not sure Leyland can make an argument for playing him every day.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Why Victor Must Go…

  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly…

    Here is an even more gruesome scenario. Big moment in the late innings with the Tigs down a run or two. Cabrera due up second, followed by Fielder and Martinez. We’re up against a real manager, such as Francona or Madden, or Showalter, or Melvin, or Scoscia, or ….. well you get the point. They choose to intentionally walk BOTH Cabrera and Fielder with one out to set up the double play, which Martinez has a high probability to hit into. I don’t think any other manager in the league would bat three – maybe four if you count Peralta – slow-as-molasses runners consecutively. Because all-to-often the first two get on, but are erased by the next guy. The 3-run homer works great, and when we get them we generally win. But that’s a strategy that is low percentage.

    • I never thought of that, Sark, but you are right on point! and the worst part of your scenario is that Fielder is the only one that busts his ass running, I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, he’s not fast but he hustles!!!!

  2. Well truth is you are both 100% correct in your vision the only problem………and at this time it is a rather large one is………..Leyland is still manager. Sark after a day of reflection I agree with you time for a change…….also Crippy regarding your comment that it is becoming UNWATCHABLE…well I have found the answer (hint: sounds like Crown Royal) the ice cubes in my house don’t stand a chance. It appears our .01% division lead stands as much chance as the ice cubes…….oh well 162 games and you can start the hockey blog!

  3. Nebraska,
    We might have to start watching home games from the Tiger den or you’re man cave, where we don’t have to walk too far to pour the whiskey.

    For as much as I’ve defended Leyleand, I think you’re both on point. Time for a change. Jones and Lloyd McClendon can join JL on his way out of town.

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