Serena Williams Loses At Wimbledon…

Ok, sorry, this is not a baseball post, but the way the Tigers have been playing, and are playing, they’re getting destroyed in Toronto this afternoon, 8-2, can you blame me.

Serena Williams, the odds on favorite to win The Championships, Wimbledon 2013, was ousted this morning by Germany’s Sabine Lisicki, 6-2, 1-6, 6-4.

Sabine Lisicki |
Sabine Lisicki smiles her way to victory over Serena

I have to be honest (I’ve never thought much of lying anyway.), I just got into tennis about 4 years ago when I saw The Great Dane, Caroline Wozniacki play.  Once I started watching, I realized the hotness of the likes of Maria Sharapova and the Radwanska sisters and I was hooked.

I prefer women’s tennis over men’s, not only because the women are generally hot, but the points seem to be much longer, they have longer rallies.  The men’s game has so much power a point seems to last only a few seconds.

It’s the top of the 6th in Toronto, still 8-2 Blue Jays.  Fielder has homered and Victor is 1 for 3.  He actually scored a run on a double by Infante.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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